So, it’s almost new year and folks are discussing their resolutions over the leftovers from Xmas and their “swear-to-god it’s my last’ bottle of wine. On the third of January you notice a lot of walkers and even runners whom you have never seen in your area before. These are the resolution-runners and they last a maximum of a week. Even though they swore to keep it up for the year. Every day from the 3rd , you’ll count less and less of them until you see only the usual guys on the road. We laugh, but it’s a bit sad, actually. Why can’t these people (and us!) commit and stick to our plans?

Weight loss and fitness is probably the most common new years resolution….ever? It’s become a cringe-worthy cliché that 99% of us fail at, but secretly, every year, most of us will attempt it again. Why??

The ritual of the Christmas holidays signals to our subconscious that it’s the end of a period. We finish off and we can leave whatever we did that year behind us. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Doesn’t matter. We then have a rest during Christmas and reward ourselves with obscene amount of food and alcohol. Then the guilt sets in and we decide to MAKE A CHANGE. Often done under the influence, which makes it even more challenging to face with a hangover.

The truth is, we set ourselves up for failure. Every single time. We want the change, but without changing too much. One of Einsteins famous quotes says: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Repeat that to yourself and really think about it. If something didn’t work the first time, WHY would it work the second? And THIS is the hard part for most, if not all, people. CHANGE IS HARD. Any kind of change. Even the good kind. Because to make that change, you need to practice a new habit and let go of an old one. This is painful and goes against the actual nature of being human. It is deeply ingrained in our genetics to always choose the easy way out. It’s an actual survival mechanism, but in todays lifestyle with absolutely no reason to “run from a lion”, it’s become a bit of a crippling factor.

Ok, so what the heck has this got to do with fermentation? Everything! Your addictions, mental health, cravings, metabolism, hormones……all develop due to the condition of your gut microbiome. Yip, it all starts there. Basically we are all completely controlled by independent micro organisms living in our digestive tracts.

We are energy sources who manage a body of flesh in close partnership with bacteria. In fact, these bacteria are the only connections we have to our physical bodies.

Keeping these bacteria fed with a diet rich in fibre and prebiotics and adding a variety of new bacteria every day to your body will without a doubt help you physically and mentally. You will be in a better condition to make better decisions and therefore more likely achieve these goals.

Our lifestyles today are highly pressurized of unrealistic expectations in minimal time. Faster faster faster. And although our minds and bodies have adapted amazingly to these crazy expectations, it all comes at a price, and a tipping point. Which I think we’ve reached. People are choosing opposite extremes like, giving up their fast-paced lifestyles to go live completely off grid, some are giving up all things tech and digital, going vegan, going raw, zero wasters etc etc. All these things are essentially good for our planet, but are they really that good for us?

 This will vary greatly due to opinion and that is ok, but my actual point I’m trying to get at is. Starting the New Year with goals and plans to improve your life/health/relationship is totally normal and healthy and a really nice way to start the year, but don’t get caught up in the pressures of making commitments to things that are unrealistic or even things you don’t want and have been pressured into thinking you need. Everything posted online is so distorted and altered, basing your achievements on anything online is guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve failed. It’s actually designed to do exactly that.

Log off when you are making your NY resolutions/goals. Make those decisions around your own current life. Give yourself enough time (like the whole year!) to achieve them. Break them up into smaller milestones and remind yourself regularly that you’re doing this for yourself. And then maybe stay logged off for a while longer…

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